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Pearl Care


Fine Pearls + Leather® Jewelry by Wendy Mignot are intended to be worn and enjoyed daily, not tucked away for only special occasions, after all, every day is a special occasion. From the beach to the red-carpet, your Wendy Mignot design is the perfect accessory. We recommend following these guidelines to ensure that your Wendy Mignot collection piece is enjoyed for generations to come:
Pearl Care
Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid-based substances, alkaline, and extreme humidity. To preserve your pearls’ radiance, always put on your jewelry as a final touch; after applying sunscreen, make-up, perfume, cologne, or styling hair. To preserve your pearls’ natural glow, wipe them gently with a soft cloth before individually stowing them in your jewelry pouch, where they are protected from abrasive objects and other jewelry.
Leather Care
To preserve your leather pieces and to keep their original soft and durable essence, gently rub Shea Butter along the leather. Condition often as needed. With time, leather will develop a rich, darker tone; a desired and expected quality.
Ancient And Shipwreck Coins Care
To safeguard the original look of your ancient and shipwreck coins, gently rub a mixture of white toothpaste and water on your delicate pieces. Rinse with tap water and polish with a soft cloth as needed.

For additional information regarding proper care instructions and recommendations for your Wendy Mignot, Fine Pearls + Leather® Jewelry, please visit the Cultured Pearl Association of America

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