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NEW! Pearl and Leather Belts and Hat Bands

These designs ARE IN STOCK, however online shopping is not available for belts.
Call or Text to order any of these One of a Kind Wendy Mignot Originals.
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Online shopping is available for hatbands.



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Introducing the Pearl and Leather Belts and Hat Bands from Wendy Mignot, a unique and striking addition to her collection that combines the elegance of pearls with the rugged charm of leather. These exceptional belts and hat bands are meticulously crafted and designed to elevate any outfit with their exquisite beauty.

Each belt features a carefully braided leather strap, adding a touch of rustic sophistication. The pearls, hand-selected for their exceptional quality, are expertly integrated into the leather, creating a stunning juxtaposition of natural elements.

Wendy Mignot's Pearl and Leather Belts and Hat Bands are not only a fashionable accessory but also a statement piece that showcases the ingenuity of her designs. From casual ensembles to more formal occasions, these belts and hat bands add an element of uniqueness and sophistication to any outfit.

Please note that online shopping is unavailable for the Pearl and Leather Belts and Hat Bands. To place an order, please call, text, or email to ensure you secure one of these extraordinary pieces. Don't miss the opportunity to own a belt or hat band that exudes refinement and artistry, meticulously crafted by Wendy Mignot. Order your leather and pearl belts and hat bands today.

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